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Western Mule Magazine

Learn the things people do with their mules and just about anything to do with mules. Things such as Trail Riding, Packing, Hunting, Showing, Training, Raising, Breeding, and much more.

Clark County Mule Festival

Clark County, designated as the Missouri Mule Capital, is the home of the Clark Co. Mule Festival. This festival is held the third full weekend in September, at the Clark Co. Fairgrounds.

Love Longears

The American Donkey and Mule Society
This site has an informative section called "About mules" with a good brief description with pictures.

Mules and More Magazine

This site has a few free articles on training, showing, and general mule information.

Rural Heritage - Mule Paddock

Rural Heritage provides mule history, temperament, communication, and characteristics of the mule breed.

The Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show

This site has information on the prestigious show in Shelbyville Tennessee, that mules and donkeys of all types attend. This show crowns World Champions of all different aspects of mule and donkey competition.