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Welcome to the UMC Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital Oncology Services

This website has been developed to provide information to pet owners, referring veterinarians, investigators, and other interested parties about the Oncology Service at the University of Missouri-Columbia Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

You will find general information on common cancers and treatments, as well as cutting edge therapies available at UMC. There are also links to other important cancer sites that may offer even more treatment options and information.

While we cannot provide medical consultation over the internet for animals we have not seen, we hope this site will answer some initial questions for people whose pets are diagnosed with cancer. Now, more than ever, the treatments available for cancer expand constantly. Cancer treatments are typically well tolerated and we strive to maintain an excellent quality of life for each pet we treat. Many treatments used in people are also used in animals. We feel that our first and most important job is to offer options and then to help pet owners choose the option that best fits their pet, their life, and their goals.