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Class work and clinics do not constitute a student's entire four-year stay at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Recreational, off-campus, and other activities abound.

Many students elect to join one of several College of Veterinary Medicine student organizations for fellowship and to gain experience in a specialized facet of the profession.

Some of these organizations include:

Christian Veterinary Fellowship
Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (SCAVSAB)
Student Chapter American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA)
Student Chapter of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (SCAABP)
Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners
Student Chapter of the American Colleges of Veterinary Pathologists (CMPC)
Student Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (SCAAZV)
Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Dental Society (SCAVDS)
Student Chapter of the Emergency and Critical Care Society (SCVECCS)
Student Chapter of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (SCASV)
Student Chapter for the Society of Theriogenology (SCSFT)
Mule Club
PALS (Pet-Assisted Love and Support)
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club
Raptor Rehabilitation Project
Small Ruminant and Camelid Club
Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA)
Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Club
Veterinarians as One In Culture and Ethnicity (VOICE)
Honor Societies
Other Campus Activities

Club Policies

Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF)

President: Hunter Sbisa
Vice President: Lauren Clement
Treasurer: Claire Gililland
Secretary: Ashley Hotop
Missions Coordinator: Cassie Faull

The Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF) is a nondenominational fellowship of veterinary students, faculty, and staff who are committed to live their Christian faith in ministry through the profession of veterinary medicine. We provide education and encouragement for those who desire ministery through modeling of Christ’s love.

We meet every month for Bible studies that relate to today’s issues. Our organization also participates in community service projects, prayer meetings, and social activities.

CVF is the chapter of the Christian Veterinary Missions (CVM) that sends veterinarians and veterinary students on mission trips to numerous countries throughout the world.

We invite all interested parties to participate.

Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (SCAVSAB)

Co-President: Victoria Spreyer
Co-President: Catrina Horvath
Vice President:

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Catherine Hagan

The SCAVSAB is an organization dedicated to promoting the importance of animal behavior in veterinary medicine, providing students with educational opportunities in relation to animal behavior, and creating and maintaining an affiliation between student chapter members and the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior. Our focus will predominantly regard animal behavior as it relates to the human/animal connection, with emphasis on learning opportunities for behavioral correction and understanding in order to provide quality advice for future clients.

This group also seeks to encourage camaraderie among veterinary medical students with an interest in animal behavior and to act as a communication link between practicing animal behaviorialists and veterinary medical students.

Assistance will be provided to students who wish to participate in externships with practicing veterinarians with a professional interest in animal behavior.

Contact: Kyle Crowson

Student Chapter American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA)

President - Jenelle Francis
VP - Amber Graham
Treasurer - Natasha Frost
Secretary - Sara Frueh
Sr. SAVMA Delegate - Brian Jochems
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Richard Meadows
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Dusty Nagy

SCAVMA represents the students of the College of Veterinary Medicine and is recognized by the MU campus as a student organization. The SCAVMA executive board serves as the College’s student council and selected members serve as representatives to the MU Graduate Professional Council. We provide social activities for students, extracurricular educational opportunities, and promote organized veterinary medicine.

Membership requirements include annual dues and a commitment to work at the SCAVMA booth at least one football game while being a VM-1 and VM-2. Meetings are usually held the first Monday of the month, September through June, at 6 p.m. in the Veterinary Medicine Building. Officers are elected in December.

Benefits of membership include: reduced subscription rate for the Journal of the AVMA or American Journal of Veterinary Research, free registration to national AVMA meetings, surgery instrument and clinic coat programs, free AVMA dues for the first year after graduation, eligibility for emergency loans through the local auxiliary and AVMA Foundation, financial support to attend symposiums and meetings, and concurrent membership in the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA).

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Student Chapter of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners

President: Sonja Perry
Vice President: Annie Callahan
Treasurer: Ashley Zieglar
Secretary: Kimberly Clem
Historian: Alex Jackson

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Robert Miller

The Bovine Club is for students who have an interest in learning about or working with cattle. Monthly meetings are held with various speakers talking about reproduction, nutrition, lameness, and gastrointestinal problems, just to mention a few.

Field trips and hands-on wet labs are also offered throughout the year dealing with various aspects of bovine medicine. Social gatherings and barbecues top the highlights of the bovine club.

If you are interested in cattle, or don’t know much about them but want to learn more, come out and join the fun. All are welcome.

Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (SCAAEP)

President: Jessica Dean
Vice President: Megan Cooper
Secretary: Alex Meyer
Treasurer: Madeline Chapin
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Allison LaCarrubba

Mission Statement: To enhance the educational opportunities of the professional students at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, inform students about veterinary related problems currently affecting the horse industry, and to promote the exchange of professional knowledge among students and practitioners for the advancement of equine health.

Member Benefits: *Wet labs including horse handling skills, dentistry, reproductive procedures, farriery/podiatry, joint injections, lameness exams, and diagnostic imaging. *Participation in colic surgeries, rectal palpations, vet checks, and other procedures at the VHC. *Monthly dinner meetings with guest speakers, including AAEP-sponsored veterinarians and CVM researchers and clinicians.

Student Chapter of the American Colleges of Veterinary Pathologists (CMPC)

President: Kari Deininger
Vice President: Matthew Clifford Godwin
Secretary: Robert Newman
Torie Neff
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Craig Franklin & Marlyn Whitney

The goal of the CMPC is to explore the lesser-known facets of veterinary medicine – clinical and anatomical pathology, laboratory animal medicine, and research - and to provide opportunities for interested students to gain additional knowledge on these topics outside of the classroom.

Monthly activities hosted by the CMPC include, but are not limited to: laboratory animal wetlabs, case presentations, trivia contests, research presentations, gross pathology rounds, and more. The club also provides funding for the annual American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) conference for interested students to attend.

Student Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (SCAAZV)

President: Jessica Issleib
Vice President: Elle Swift
Treasurer: Catrina Horvath
Secretary: Carissa Cruz
Historian: Lauren Jemiolo 
Externship Coordinator: Magan Wells
Animal Welfare Task Force Liaison: Megan Burtnett
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Cathleen Kovarik

SCAAZV (ZEW Club) is an organization concerned with many aspects of animal medicine. Our scope of interest goes beyond zoo medicine, covering aspects of wildlife medicine and conservation, pet bird medicine, reptile and amphibian medicine, aquatic mammals, and fish medicine. We have guest speakers whose research or occupation involves these aspects of veterinary medicine.

There are also symposiums and other national meetings that our members often attend. We also have wet labs involving dissection, physical exams, and other hands-on projects that are not part of the school curriculum. If you have an interest in this organization, we would be very pleased to see you at our meetings.

Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Dental Society (SCAVDS)

President: Kristin Armstrong
Vice President: Monika Dreher
Secretary: Celia Friedman Cowan
Treasurer: Elizabeth Francis
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Richard Meadows

SCAVDS is an organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge, education, and awareness of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery among veterinary students. Membership is open to all current veterinary students with an interest in the cutting edge of veterinary dentistry.

Monthly meetings are held with lectures being focused on current techniques, research, and dentistry products. Wet labs are also offered throughout the year, allowing hands on experience with tooth extractions, nerve blocks, and dental radiography. 

We invite you to join SCAVDS and gain an insight into the exciting world of veterinary dentistry and what it can offer you as a future practitioner.

Student Chapter of the Emergency and Critical Care Society (SCVECCS)

President: Jackie Burrell
Vice-President: Claire Gililland
Secretary: Shealyn Kenny
Treasurer: Bria Ozment
Rounds Coordinator: Emilee Mitchell
Faculty Adviser: Dr Mann

The Student Chapter of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (SCVECCS) was established at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1995. It is affiliated with the national SVECCS and its parent organization, the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS). The VECCS and its associated student chapters are dedicated to the promotion of knowledge, skills, and ability in emergency and critical care of small and large animals.

Student Chapter of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians

President and Second Chance Liaison- Allison Duquaine 2017
Vice President - Katie James 2017
Historian - Gabrielle Pagano 2017
Even Coordinator - Alex Meyer 2017
Secretary and Animal Welfare officer - Anna Delabar 2017
Treasurer - Caroline Frogge 2017
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Joann Kunz

As an advocate for the profession of shelter veterinary medicine, the Association's mission is to advance the practice of shelter medicine and to further veterinary education and research as it relates to animals' health in shelters.

Student Chapter for the Society of Theriogenology (SCSFT)

President:Devin Gardner
Vice President: Rebecca Cooper
Treasurer: Sophia Hyder
Secretary: Alexandra Frost
SFT Rep: Cassandra Faull
Adviser: Dr. Dawna Voelkl

As a student chapter of the Society for Theriogenology our mission is:

  • To create interest in, and enhanced knowledge of Theriogenology among veterinary students.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of Theriogenology as a veterinary discipline.
  • To create a link between veterinary students and the SFT.
  • To create links between practicing Theriogenologists and veterinary students.
  • To promote camaraderie among veterinary students who are interested in animal reproduction.
  • To improve Theriogenology skills among students.

In order to accomplish our mission we plan many fun and educational wet labs each semester, as well as organize meetings with presentations covering all aspects of theriogenology. As a newer organization we are looking for anyone sincerely interested in reproductive veterinary medicine. Regardless if you have experience in reproduction or are fairly new to the topic we want to welcome you to join!

Mule Club

President: Torie Neff
Vice-President: Alex Meyer
Treasurer: Michelle Lenertz
Secretary: Nicole Walljasper
Historian: Shelby Judd
Fundraising Chair: Alyssa Thomas
Faculty Adviser: Drs. John Dodam and Martha Rasch

Tim and Terry -- the latest pair of College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia mules -- will continue the tradition of travelling far and wide across Missouri. Like their predecessors, Hillda and Louise and Jill and Shirley, the CVM mules will continue to proudly represent the College, as well as the University of Missouri-Columbia.

It is the responsibility of the Mule Club to maintain the mules and the relationship they have established with the citizens of Missouri. No membership fee or qualifications are required to join the Mule Club. Those wishing to drive the mules in parades just have to practice a few times with Dr. Dodam or one of the officers. Officer elections are usually held at a May meeting.

More information about the club can be found at our website.

PALS (Pet-Assisted Love and Support)

President: Kaila Lavoie
Vice President: Marcella Springstead
Secretary: Emily Quas
Treasurer: Ashley Walker
Community Representative: Jessica Mautone
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Richard Meadows

PALS was started in September 1994 by Theresa Bruemmer, a student at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine. Students, staff, faculty, or their spouses take their personal pets to hospitals and senior citizens centers. This is intended to increase the socialization and activity levels of patients, decrease feelings of institutionalization, and to provide emotional support and unconditional friendship provided by pets.

All pets must be spayed or neutered, free of all internal and external parasites, attend PALS training sessions, and pass a behavioral and physical screening. Volunteers are required to commit to a one year term.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club

President: Alyssa Thomas
Vice President: Scott Bates
Secretary: Sarah Petty
Treasurer: Regan Lee
Social Chair: Lori Thomas
Programming Chair: Sarah Fears
Scholars Rep: Brianne Abermovitz
Fundraising Chairs: Chloe Goodson, Jill Abel, Sofia Miele, Becca Mattucks, Sarah Loehner
Club Adviser: Dr. Linda Berent, Mr. Doug Tindall

Students engaged in pre-veterinary medical study qualify to join this club. A faculty member acts as adviser. At regular meetings, guest speakers discuss various aspects of the profession. One objective of the club is to bring about a closer fellowship among students who have a common interest in seeking admission to the MU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Click here to visit the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club web site

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Raptor Rehabilitation Project

President:  Laura Rayhel
Vice President:  Brian Jochems
Treasurer:  Brad Harris
Education coordinators:  Woodrow Petrovic and Trevor Laclair
Secretary:  Martha Weilert
Public Relations Coordinator:  Natalie Helms
Volunteer Coordinator:  Amber Edwards
Faculty Advisers:  Drs. Marie Kerl, Joan Coates, and Jackie Pearce
Fundraising Coordinator:  Michelle Chance 
Facilities Coordinator:  Judy Lincoln
Faculty Advisers: Dr. Marie Kerl

The Raptor Rehabilitation Project has three goals:

• To give medical care to and rehabilitate injured birds of prey, so that they can be released into the wild.

• To educate students about avian medicine in general and raptor medicine in particular.

• To educate the public about birds of prey and the work we do for them at the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Enrollment is open to veterinary students and interested members of the public, although actual medical treatments of the birds is performed by the veterinary students and faculty only.

The usual meeting place and time is Room W-235 Veterinary Medicine Building at 7:30 p.m. on alternate Wednesdays. Dues are $10 per year or $5 per semester. Elections are held in April.

Raptor Project Web Site

Small Ruminant and Camelid Club

President: Emily Quas
Vice President: Andrea Carr
Secretary: Ashley Walker

This is a club for people that are interested in learning more or gaining hands on experience with small ruminants and/ or camelids. Each year we visit producers in the area and help them in their husbandry activities. The club visits sheep, goat, alpaca, and deer farms. We try to learn about every aspect of the industry for small ruminants, we usually put together a sheep dog demonstration. For the camelids and sheep we learn about making yarn. Which brings us to another part of our club, knitting for noggins, and this part of the club knits hats to give to children with cancer. People will get together and watch movies while knitting hats. In the fall there is a camelid convention for producers and veterinarians, which is a great way to get updated about what is going on today and the concerns of the producers. We are always open to suggestions for producers to visit. If you want more information come out and join us for our meetings.

VBMA logoVeterinary Business Management Association (VBMA)

President: Jessi Kraemer
Vice President: Leanne Mathew
Secretary: Alexis McLaine
Treasurer: Lauren Ross
Marketing Director: Keri Morgan
Business Certificate Director: Lindsey Miller
President Elect: Wendy Evans
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Ron Cott

The MU Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) exists to fulfill three main goals:

• To increase student interest and awareness regarding issues pertinent to their financial affairs, and to prepare for entry into the job market and/or the veterinary businesses in which they will be engaged in after graduation.

• To involve students in discussions led by knowledgeable veterinary practice management consultants.

• To provide a forum for learning life skills and the principles of successful business management.

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Club

President: Jason Razo, 2017
Vice President: Allison Duquaine, 2017
Liaison: Elizabeth Fedorko, 2015
Treasurer: Damian Peyton, 2017
Secretary: Robert Newman, 2017
Faculty Adviser - Dr. Lisa Britt

VOICE (Veterinary Students as One in Culture & Ethnicity)

President:  Jacqueline Burrell
Vice President:
VAMOS Coordinator: 
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Fred Williams III

VOICE is a student run organization that addresses a need for socio-cultural awareness that is not part of the current core veterinary curriculum. VOICE feels that the veterinary colleges and the profession as a whole will embrace VOICE and partner with our organization to fill this gap in the curriculum.

The lack of racial diversity in veterinary medicine has been the topic of conversation at many recent major veterinary conferences held by the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Student AVMA (SAVMA). It is known that the current veterinary demographics do not adequately reflect the diverse cultural landscape of the United States. A common concern is that a predominantly white profession cannot understand or adequately serve an increasingly diverse population nationally or abroad. A student body that is diverse and informed of cultural and ethnic differences would help to create "culturally competent" veterinarians capable of properly serving the public.

We plan to be an organized and unified student voice contributing to enhancing the diversity of the profession and the cultural competence of veterinary students.

Membership is open to any person in the veterinary community. It should be noted that VOICE has many non-minority members on the executive board and in the general body. There is no membership fee, therefore VOICE depends on grants from companies and alumni as well as financial assistance from the Office of Student Services, Graduate and Professional Student Association Financial Committee and the Office of the Dean in order to provide the various activities.

Honor Societies

  • Phi Zeta — This is a scholastic honorary society to which third and fourth year veterinary medical students may be elected.
  • Gamma Sigma Delta — This national organization recognizes students of the Colleges of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Veterinary Medicine; Human Environmental Sciences; and the School of Natural Resources, who have shown exceptional ability during undergraduate or graduate work. It also recognizes alumni and faculty members who have rendered significant service to the cause of agricultural development.
  • Graduate Honor Societies — The Rollins Society is the graduate-level organization that recognizes leadership, service, and scholastic achievement.

Other Campus Activities

All students are members of the Missouri Students Association and have a voice in campus affairs. They are offered opportunities to fulfill their responsibilities to the student community through participation in a system of student self-government, with emphasis at the divisional level. There are social fraternities and sororities on campus with national affiliation.

To join any of the clubs listed in this brochure, please visit the:

Office of the Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs
W-213 Veterinary Medicine Building
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Missouri
Columbia, Mo. 65211

College of Veterinary Medicine
W-203 Veterinary Medicine Building
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-3554
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