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ADA Accommodations Policy (updated September, 2007)

Once a CVM student has registered with the Office of Disability Services on main campus and that office determines the need for educational accommodations it becomes the responsibility of the CVM to provide those accommodations as instructed. The following identifies the main points regarding those obligations:

Additional testing time: many accommodations allow students additional time (time and a half, double time, etc.) for exams. Scheduling for this accommodation can be challenging due to daily class schedules and little free time for the student. Many times it will be necessary to meet this accommodation by providing testing time during the day that can meet the extended time line without interfering with class time for the student before or immediately after an exam. Currently Stephanie Bossaller, IT, schedules these exams for those students that have accommodation needs. Routine exams need to be scheduled with Ms. Bossaller at least two weeks prior to the beginning of class. Exact length of exams must also be provided for scheduling purposes for the routine exam so that the proper amount of time can be provided for the ADA accommodations.

Quizzes: due to accommodations, quizzes also have to respect the time issue for ADA student accommodations. Forty-eight hour notice to Ms. Bossaller is necessary to identify time slots for the extended time of the ADA students and to notify them as to when the quiz will be available. Example: quizzes given at the beginning of class – if 15 minutes is allowed for the quiz at the beginning of class, then 30 minutes may be necessary for the ADA student. This means that their quiz may have to be given before any classes start for the day if the student has class immediately prior to the class and would not have 30 minutes to cover the accommodation time provided. The same for quizzes at the end of class, 15 minute quizzes = 30 minutes for accommodations with the extra time not preventing the ADA student from attending the next class if there is one to follow. Therefore, quizzes must be recorded with Ms. Bossaller in advance so that the College can meet the ADA accommodations regarded by law.

Testing location: many accommodations require a “quiet, private space for exams and quizzes”. There are four testing rooms that provide the best location for this accommodation. It is best to use them so that we have met the accommodation to the best of our ability. Students may indicate other areas that would be adequate for them but if the “private” or “quiet” part of the accommodation is jeopardized, the College is responsible and would be accountable for that issue. Therefore, it is necessary, when “quiet, private space for exams and quizzes” is an accommodation, that all ADA students be assigned a testing room for such. Labs, of course, present another issue. Lab space will have to be the location and the student informs the instructors if they opt for private and quiet for those exams.

ADA students must provide in writing or email, any choice they make to deviate from the required accommodations and the manner in which the College provides said accommodations. In this communication the College must be identified as waived of all legal requirements in relation to ADA accommodations and that it is the choice of the student to make that informed decision. Students must provide this to the instructor, the academic dean, dean of student affairs, and exam coordinator (S. Bossaller).

NOTE: It is absolutely necessary that all tests have an exact amount of time allotted for the exam and that no last minute adjustments are made which would change the accommodation time lines for ADA student requirements. This applies to all tests, computer and hardcopy.

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